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Washington, DC

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Handmade Bath, Body and Skin Care Owner Amber Holmes


I.Soul Naturals' head maker + mixtress, Amber Holmes’ family always knew exactly which herbs and natural remedies were needed to comfort, heal and protect.

As a child, Amber recalls her mother’s rituals of making batches of handmade salves and balms infused with the inviting scents of lavender and tea tree oils. She'd brew up natural teas to ward off sickness, soothe an ache or satisfy an itch, with elements made right from the earth. Now, with a family of her own, Amber returned to those same remedies to cure skin ailments like eczema, using only the finest ingredients she can find. 

I.Soul Naturals is a bohemian-luxury bath + body care brand. We believe in the melding of nature and science to create products that are safe, non-toxic and highly effective. Our products are created in small batches to ensure consistently premium products. All of our ingredients are active, thus you will not find "filler" ingredients in our products.

Our products stand the test of time, as our original recipes and formulas were created 3 generations ago, handed down, tested by us, on us and on other real animal testing here. All of our products emphasize naturally derived, high-quality, raw food-grade ingredients.

The I.Soul Naturals foundation + heritage collection features eight soaps crafted in the spirit of the members of Amber's family. The scents are somewhere on the cusp between the ephemeral and the indelible... that space between a fleeting memory and that which you will never forget.

Oftentimes, they correspond to tangible things that then can be harnessed and crafted with the hands, marrying the practical and the tender moments. Those moments, like family and legacy, are at the core of I.Soul Naturals’ values, born out of a longing to spread the wisdom of the elders into the hands of our children, and help a whole new generation to make memories of their own.

We create products that give you noticeable results...and the ultimate in self-care, self-love and  self-indulgence…a premium bathing and body care experience. After all, life is too short for boring bath rituals.