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Washington, DC

Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm


We accept custom orders. All of our soaps are available to be purchased in blocks. Each block is approximately 10 bars. Simply contact us to inquire about our soap blocks.

We also design and craft soaps and soap favors for whatever you imagine. Baby showers, bridal showers, swag name it and we can craft it. Simply contact us at the email below with your requirements and we will respond with a quote.

Caring for your soap: To make your artisanal soap last longer, keep out of the flow of water when not in use. Store in a dry place where the bar can drain. Our soap decks are perfect to dry your soap after each use.

Why handcrafted soap is best: Handcrafted soap is full of skin-loving properties and is an excellent part of any daily skincare routine. Here are some reasons why you should opt for handcrafted soap over that bar of store-bought soap for good.

Handcrafted soap is highly moisturizing. A natural byproduct of the soap making process is glycerin. Glycerin is a skin moisturizer, emollient (skin softener) and a humectant (draws moisture to it). When made traditionally, soap contains glycerin which hydrates the skin while bathing.

Commercially produced soaps are commonly processed to extract the glycerin. The glycerin is removed, then manufactured in other profitable products such as lotions and creams. Soap without glycerin is harsh and drying; using it can lead to excessively dry, itchy and ashy skin.

Handmade soaps retain their natural glycerin, therefore providing a key ingredient needed to prevent dry skin. 

Soap manufactured for mass distribution also contain synthetic ingredients that are cheap to fabricate in a lab. 

Unfortunately, these artificial ingredients are detrimental for our endocrine, immune, reproductive and respiratory systems, in addition to being bad for our skin. 

Many of these toxic materials have known side effects such as dermatitis (skin rashes) and eczema. Many of these toxins are foolishly added to soap to produce desired results such as increased lather, stability and creaminess.

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